How I found God♥

When I published my very first blog post my best friend Johnae expressed to me how she wanted me to write about how I found God. Here’s her exact words “Write about how you truly found God. Yes you knew God before but not as deep as you know him now.” So now, here I […]

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Choose to be FREE!

It’s YOUR CHOICE.  Free your thoughts. – Pour out who YOU are in every color that describes you! Free your mind. – STOP stressing, STOP worrying, STOP fearing, STOP overthinking, STOP the negative thinking. Free your heart. – Allow yourself to love again, forgive, let go, take the limits off of yourself, be true to […]

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F o r g i v e & Let go.

Have you ever been in a position where you had to forgive someone even when you just didn’t feel like they deserved your forgiveness? Or were you ever afraid to forgive because you thought you’d be taken advantage of after the fact? I’ve learned that no matter what a person has done to me, forgiveness […]

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