Hey guys!! I am just simply in a mood of pure LOVE right now. I’m sitting on my bed, listening to Do it again by Elevation Worship and this song is just touching my spirit so much. #InMyGloryZone This is why I absolutely love writing. I can literally write about anything I want and I […]

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How I found God♥

When I published my very first blog post my best friend Johnae expressed to me how she wanted me to write about how I found God. Here’s her exact words “Write about how you truly found God. Yes you knew God before but not as deep as you know him now.” So now, here I […]

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Choose to be FREE!

It’s YOUR CHOICE.  Free your thoughts. – Pour out who YOU are in every color that describes you! Free your mind. – STOP stressing, STOP worrying, STOP fearing, STOP overthinking, STOP the negative thinking. Free your heart. – Allow yourself to love again, forgive, let go, take the limits off of yourself, be true to […]

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